Look cute, not fried!

I love the summer and the beach. But too much of a good thing can lead to the dreaded sunburned skin. Not only is it painful, but bring on the wrinkles and, gulp, the skin cancer why dontcha! Eeek! You just need to cover up at times.There are endless options (at all price points!) so you can cover up in style.

Women's Embroidered Gauze Cover-up, Old Navy $20 (with 30% off right now!)

Athena Heavenly Tunic Cover-up, Zappos $45

Echo Exclusive Lindsay Medallion Print Caftan, Bloomingdales $68 (on sale for $27 right now!)

Women's Crochet Cover-up Swim Dress, Target $19.99

Camilla Lace-u Silk Chiffon Caftan, Saks Fifth Avenue $690

Of course you can wear sun dresses to cover up too but I'm a big fan of covering the shoulders since that's where I usually start to notice sunburn. I think all the above options are adorable but an over-sized floppy sun hat and major SPF really top the look off. If you're worried that you won't be able to achieve that gorgeous dark golden tan while covering up, I would have to agree with you. But that's what they make self-tanners for!



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