The quest for the perfect dining table

Last week I shared my quest for dining chairs. I ended up going with 4 of these:

Baxton Studio LAC Plastic Side Chair from
I was originally only going to purchase 2 (1 set) but then decided to order 4 (2 sets) instead and reserve the 2 vintage orange/melon molded plastic chairs that I already have in case we have more than 2 guest for dinner. But now...I want a new dining room table. I'm not sure how serious I am about actually purchasing one right now but I have been internet window shopping for the fun of it! Here are a few of my picks.

Stockholm, Ikea, $499

Zebra Series Hagen Table, Overstock, $214.99

I know that there's not a whole lot of variation but I have an overall look in mind.  I'll keep an eye out for a deal but I know that I can be happy with my current set up for the time being. It's nice to have a few new pieces to spice things up a bit.



  1. I went to look at the Ikea table and was disappointed. I just don't think it'll hold up as a dining table. The finish easily scratched. I imagine because they finish is only one coat. I also looked at the West Elm table and I was more impressed with the quality, just not the price tag.

  2. They are practically the same price ($499 vs $509) unless something has changed. If the West Elm is better quality than the Ikea piece, I pull the trigger if I were being serious about making a purchase.


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