Real Technique Vs Beauty Blender

Left: Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge, Right: Beauty Blender
 I love dupes. And comparison shopping. I'm always looking for a deal and so would you if you bought the volume of cosmetics that I do. The Beauty Blender cosmetic sponge has taken the beauty world by storm over the last few years. You hold the little pink tear-shaped sponge under running water until it expands to almost double it's original size, squeeze out the excess water with a towel and then use it to blend out your liquid or cream foundations flawlessly. It's no ordinary makeup sponge (promise). The broad end is used to 'bounce' the foundation on and the pointed end is perfect for precision concealer application. The Beauty Blender is a fantastic tool for evenly applying and blending out makeup, and it damn well should be for almost 20 bucks a pop. Enter: Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge, $6!

The Real Technique sponge is used in the same manner as the beauty blender. What I noticed right off the bat, is that there's a very slight difference in density between the two sponges while they are still dry (RT is ever so slightly firmer than BB). Then once dampened, the density of the sponges feel the same.

Above, both sponges damp
The Beauty Blender is a perfect teardrop shape while the Real Technique is oval with one flat surface. I like the flat surface of the Real Technique sponge for blending over larger areas such as the cheeks and forehead slightly better than the broad yet rounded end of the Beauty Blender, but it's almost indecipherable. Both sponges' pointed ends function pretty much the same and are brilliant for blending out under eye concealer.

Since the performance of these two products are sooo similar, I think that it only makes sense to save a little dough in this situation. When it comes time to repurchase a new cosmetic sponge, I'll probably opt for the Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge and save myself $14.



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