Makeup Geek!

Makeup Geek eye shadows and loose pigments have been on my list to check out for quite some time. I've been watching Marlena's YouTube channel, Makeup Geek, for ages, and was really excited when she released her own line of eye shadows, pigments, gel liners and lipsticks. I had been trying to get my hands on the Makeup Geek 9-Eyeshadow Starter Kit but it's been so popular that it's often sold out (currently out of stock again). Same story with Makeup Geek Pigment in Utopia (currently in stock!). I was able to finally order the kit, a couple of pigments and a gel liner recently and I wanted to share my initial thoughts.

1. Cocoa Bear: warm, matte reddish brown
2. Creme Brulee: warm, matte mid-tone tan
3. Glamorous: shiny, yellow gold
4. Mocha: cool, darker matte brown
5. Shimma Shimma: shimmery champagne
6. Unexpected: mid-tone matte dusty lavender
7. Prom Night: cool shimmery taupe
8. Drama Queen: deep, shimmery plum
9. Corrupt: matte black with slight shimmer (undetectable on the eye)
10. Utopia: metallic, glitter antique gold pigment
11. Vegas Lights: metallic deep copper pigment
12. Poison: deep red gel line

 I've been really into creating warm neutral looks with creme brulee, cocoa bear, mocha, shimma shimma and glamorous. I need to branch out and work with the cooler shades too. So far, all the shadows that I've used have been pigmented and very blendable. I haven't used the pigments or the gel liner yet. Honestly, I'm not really sure what possessed me to purchase a red gel liner but hopefully I can find a wearable use for it. On with the swatches.

For some unknown reason, I swatched the eye shadow completely out of I re-number my swatch pic below to make it easier to reference.

Now that's I've dipped my toe in I want more! More shadows, more pigments! We'll see.



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