Fuse Gelnamel

I know that I've rambled on and on  about how much I love gel manicures. I love to go have them done at the salon. I love to do them at home. And, it turns out, that I love to do them for my friends. When I first saw Fuse Gelnamels at CVS I wondered if it was just another gel polish brand. I did a bit of research and came up with the answer-- yes and no.

Fuse Gelnamel, made by Sensational, is basically a regular polish- gel hybrid. It's supposed to last about a week which is about half the lifetime of a gel mani. You are supposed to clean the nail and apply polish to one nail at a time, then cure it for one 30-second cycle with the kits LED mini-lamp, which can also be reconfigured for toes. With this system, there's no base or top coat required, just the color. They claim that only 1 coat is needed but if you're applying thin layers as recommended, you definitely need a second coat to keep you mani from being sheer and streaky. Once you've applied your color and cured it, you wipe each nail down with a cleanser (rubbing alcohol) to remove the moisture layer and you're good to go. Removal is the same soak off method of regular gel manicures.

So a few things about this system and it's results: 1. Limited color selection, probably because it's a new product, 2. The finish isn't a shiny as a typical gel manicure, probably due to lack of a topcoat and 3. It doesn't wear for 1 week and doesn't have the durability of a regular gel mani (not even close). These observations were a little disappointing to me. I guess I had high hopes.

Notice the lack-luster finish

I purchased a kit which contained the LED mini-lamp with a powder adapter (includes an electrical plug adapter or USB), a Fuse gelnamel, a mini orange wood stick and mini buffer and cleanser for before and after. My kit contained a bright pink gelnamel shaded called Na-no Way!. Additionally, I purchased Elec-tric or Treat, a muted orchid shade, and E-motion, a hot coral shade. So far I've used Na-no Way and E-motion. Both attempts were chipped and peeling within the first 24 hours of wear. Both manicures wore so incredibly poorly, that I don't really want to invest the time to try out Elec-tric or Treat. Though it doesn't take as long as a regular gel manicure, it is still more time consuming than a traditional manicure.

Final verdict is that this system just didn't perform up to the claims made by the company. It's possible that not all hope is lost-- I may give these polishes a try with regular gel base and top coat to see if I could extend the wear at all.



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