Black Radiance Dynamic Duo Lip Balm and Gloss

As usual, I was just browsing the makeup aisle. I noticed some new Black Radiance products and that these new lip products had $1 off coupons stuck right on them. The Dynamic Duo Lip Balm & Glosses run for $3.99 each so I figured that it was a pretty good deal made even better by the $1 off coupons!

I picked up 3 shades, from left to right: Hibiscus (5200), Nude (5205) and Fuchsia (5201).

The products themselves only have the shade number printed on the bottom-- the shade name was printed on the shrink wrap seal that you discard. The formula seems to be pretty consistent between shades which is nice, so you know what you're getting when you pick up another color. The balm side is pigmented yet the formula is sheer and comfortable. The gloss side a very light, non-sticky formula though it doesn't seem to wear very long. The shade Hibiscus is a bright coral and has a slight staining effect once the product has worn off a bit. Nude leans pink rather than peach or beige so it looks natural. Fuchsia is a classic neutral bright pink-- a fave for Spring & Summer.

This is a nice cheap drugstore buy (look out for the stick-on $1 off  coupons). There are six shades available-- something for everyone. I must be really jonesing for Spring because I just can't seem to put down the Hibiscus shade. It really adds a pop to a neutral look. Love.



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