Wet n Wild Coloricon 5-Pan Eyeshadow Palettes

I stumbled upon these new Wet N Wild 5-pan Eyeshadow Palettes in Walgreen's over the weekend.
I picked up 4 out of the 5 new palettes (skipped Tunnel Vision-- I have more than enough grays & blacks that I don't give any love to). These palettes are sold for $3.99 each.

Right to Left: Art in the Streets, Floral Values, I'm His Breezey, The Naked Truth

Swatch time!

Arts in the Streets: I have to say, I thought that this palette was going to be a total bust, but then I remembered how much I enjoyed the I Heart Matte palette a little while back and I snatched it up. All shades in this palette were pigmented and applied smoothly except for the purple (which I often find with matte purples-- anyone know why?). The purple was sort of chalky and flaky but I think that I could get batter payoff if I used a sticky and/or purple base underneath. Not sure how much use I'll get out of this palette but I can see myself integrating a bright shade into a neutral look to punch it up. Last summer I was really into adding in orange tones to blend out a darker crease color so there are possibilities!

Floral Values: I really love my purple and plums, and had high hopes for this palette. As a matter of fact, it was the first of the 4 that I was drawn to. But, I'm disappointed in these shades because of their payoff and formula except for the base color (first shade in from the right) which is creamy, pigmented and blendable. The shimmery brow bone shade (2nd in from the right) barely shows up when swatched and the formula is really flaky. The matte purple in the center is not terrible, better formula & payoff than the purple in the Arts in the Streets palette, but was still chalky and applied patchy. The satin pink applied very sheer. Maybe I could use this shade to blend out a crease shade but I own better pink shadows for that. Then the deep plum shade, which contains pink micro glitter, applied chalky and patchy. I could add a sticky pigmented base in order to use this palette but I'd rather not work so hard to make this product work for me.

I'm His Breezey: I'm generally not very into blue eye shadow so I sort of grabbed this palette on a whim. Again, the base color, shade all the way to the right, was soft and pigmented when swatched though I can't really imagine using a light blue shade like this (Mimi from The Drew Carey Show comes to mind...). The shimmery brow bone shade, 2nd in from the right, was pretty sheer though not as sheer or flaky as the brow bone shade in the Floral Values palette. The matte inky blue shade in the center applied patchy and chalky. The satin bright blue was much smoother on application and pretty pigmented. Then the cobalt blue shade with silver micro glitter was less patchy and less chalky than the dark plum from the Floral Values palette, but still requires some work to get a blended, even application. Though not perfect, I think I could make this palette work with less elbow grease than I'd need for the Floral Values palette.

The Naked Truth: My first thought when I saw this palette was that it would be a great palette to travel with if I didn't have the room for my UD Naked palette. Again, the base shade applied well (all the way to the right). The shimmery brow bone shade, 2nd in from the right, is pretty sheer and flaky like the other brow bone shade have been. The satin taupe shade, center, is very sheer but I sort of like it for the lid. I really love the matte chocolaty brown, 2nd in from the left. It applies pretty pigmented and blends easily. The copper shade with coppery-gold micro glitter applies sheer but applies evenly, and works well to blend out the matte brown in the crease and outter corner. Though I wouldn't choose this instead of UD Naked, I will certainly grab if for on the go makeup application and be happy!

there are some inconsistencies from shade to shade within each palette, but for the value hese palettes are worth it at $3.99 a pop. Even if you like only 1 shade out of the 5-pan palette-- 4 bucks for an eye shadow isn't a bad deal at all! For drugstore eye shadows, the Wet n Wild Coloricon shadows are pretty decent quality when compared to other brands (I'm looking at you, Covergirl Eye Enhancers and Maybelline Expertwear shadows!) and cheaper. These palettes are great for trying colors outside of your comfort zone or for  those new to make up. If you already have a ton of high-end eye shadows (like I do), I'd skip these but they're only $3.99 for those with morbid curiosity like myself.



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