January 2014 Favorites!

We're a month into 2014! How did that happen!?  That means it's monthly favorites time! But I've got a spin on my usual favorites-- non-beauty favorites!

1. Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea: I realized that I was having a hard time drinking enough water due to the cold. I decided to try to up my water intake by increasing the number of hot beverages I have throughout the day, but they would have to be tea (for the health benefits) and they would have to be decaf (no more coffee aside from my morning cup or 2). Green tea seemed like the logical choice and I've been soooo much better with my water consumption!

2. Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9": LOVE this! Got this from my daddy for Christmas (by request, of course!). This is so much better than the original Kindle Fire as far as magazine reading goes. OMG the display is beautiful and it's the processor is much faster than my old Kindle Fire-- surfing the web is a breeze. 

3. Ninja Ultima Blender Plus: This thing is badass. Christmas present from my mom. Talk about power! You can  blend green smoothies, even when you add ice, in seconds! The endless healthy and delicious possibilities...

4. Potato Pearl Earrings: classic and pretty!

5. The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheel: I've been reading her blog for years and watching her cooking show since it started-- but I didn't realized that she wrote a book about how she met The Marlboro Man, her husband. It was a sweet and funny read. Now I love her even more.



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