Instain is insane!

The Balm has done it again. The Instain Long Wearing Staining Powder Blush are amazing. They are super pigmented, super blendable and stay put all day long. I picked up 3 shades the last time that The Balm was on Hautleook: Lace, Toile and Houndstooth.

Lace is a bright, almost neon, cool pink. Toile is a vibrant red-coral. Houndstooth is a dusty, mauvey plum. So far my fave is Houdstooth-- it's the most neutral and versatile of all the shades I have. Swatch fest... 

The first time that I applied one of these blushes I dipped my brush in and then tapped off the excess over the back of my other hand, and the pigmentation that fell from that brush-- holy shit, very impressive. Moral of the story: a little goes a loooong way. I am a blush freak and even I had to apply these blushes with a light(ish) hand. So back to the application, once applied this formula blends out so easily and evenly creating the perfect flush. Ahhh, love!

Another win for The Balm. I'll be keeping my eyes peel for the next time it's on Hautelook. I definitely need to pick up the other shades.



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