December Birchbox time!

I'm always excited when I come home to packages in the mail. I received my December Birchbox in Friday's mail. The content of this month's box seem to be a little scant. Let's explore.

1. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk: I have several cans of dry shampoos and I still don't understand why people love dry shampoos so much. Maybe this one will be different? I'm willing to try.

2. Ahmad Tea Assorted Tea: I like tea though I will have to pass on the Peach & Passion Fruit because of a peach allergy. I'll toss the other 2 in my bag to bring to the office.

3. Vitivia Vitmain Capsules: These little guys are pricey-- $55 for a month's supply. Each capsule contains a vitamins serum to be applied to the skin at night after cleansing. I'm not great with nightly routines, so these probably won't be something that I'll be crazy about.

4. Beekind Body Lotion: This is a nice lightweight body lotion which absorbs very quickly. The fragrance is amazing-- honey and chamomile. I'll probably take this when I travel for Christmas.

5. Dr. Brandt BB Matte with Signature Shinerase: Foil packets...not a fave of mine. Also I'm not really into mattifying products at this time of the year. I would probably be more into this product in the summer but not when my skin is feeling slightly dehydrated.

Though the tiny digimate that came as a bonus is a handy method of cleaning the screen of my phone, all in all, December was not a great Birchbox. Better luck in 2014!



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