Bourjois? Oui, oui!

I finally got my hands on Bourjois Health Mix Serum Foundation! I decided to go with 53 Beige Clair (light beige, for you Americans) after reading some reviews on Makeupalley. This shade is perfect-- not too yellow, not too pink (though the pic below makes this shade look very yellow against my paste white are!). Poi-fect!

This shade actually matches my face...but NOT the inside of my white forearm!
The liquid formula borders on a gel-like consistency, yet is very light. It blends like a dream and has light-medium coverage. The finish is very skin-like-- not too dewy, not too matte. The wear seems to be decent. I generally end up wearing my makeup for 13-14 hrs before removing it. There's no significant break down of this product at the end of the day. This is pretty impressive since usually my oilier bits  do a number on my liquid foundations by the end of the day, and this product is not claiming to be a long-wearing product as far as I know. I'm not sure that this would hold up as well in the summer months but it's working out nicely this time of year for me when my skin is a bit drier.

The formula has been pretty gentle on my skin-- no irritation, no breakouts. The scent is mild yet fresh (reminds me of a certain brand of makeup wipes but I can't put my finger on it). I haven't really found anything that I don't like about this product. I'm going to continue testing it out and will share if any "cons" arise.



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