Home, sweet home

Earlier in the month I was on a dining room kick (here and here). I did take the plunge and purchase new dining room chairs since mine were starting to look a little shabby (hello Kmart Special, 2001!). Here's the outcome:

Not bad...even my old table looks updated. I thought that my avocado green nested Pyrex set would add a bit of interest and the melon vintage chair in the corner (there's another outside the frame) would be the icing on the cake. I'm happy with how it turned out.

Now for some heating system drama...

Friday night is the first time we have ever turned the heat on in this apartment since we moved in in May. To our surprise, 2 of our radiators decided to spew rusty dirty water all over the place. The leak in our living room seemed not to be more than a an inconvenient puddle, which was pretty easily cleaned up. However, on the other side of the apartment, the radiator in our office destroyed our cream shag carpet. The rug was stained with rust, so we decide to just get rid of it and just replace it.

So what I'm thinking now is that I will move the other cream area rug  that I currently have in the living room into the office, and find something new for the living room. I've been wanting a new rug for the living room anyway so this makes perfect sense.

Here are a few options:

1. Lappljung Ruta, Ikea $99

 2. Maples Fretwork, Target $139.99

 3. Mohawk Home Morocco, Target $179.99

 4. nuLOOM Handmade MoroccoTrellis, Overstock.cpm $183.99

5. Safavieh Hand-woven Moroccan Dhurrie Chevron, Overstock.com $185.39

6. Safavieh Hand-woven Dhurrie, Overstock.com $167.39


So many choices-- it's hard to narrow it down. 



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