I need a haircut....badly. When I called to schedule my appointment, my stylist was booking 2-3 weeks out. So now I have time to flip-flop over an idea that has now become a decision. Granted--  it's not an earth-shattering decision but a decision nonetheless. Bangs or no bangs.

I've definitely been down this road before. Many times before. Blunt bangs, wispy bangs (remember the 90s?), choppy bangs, short bangs, side-swept bangs, long get the picture. For the most part, I have bangs cut, I enjoy them for a limited time, and then I grown them out and stay that way for a while.

I'm craving some thick, longish, messy, sexy bangs currently so I went on a Pinterest bang bender to verify that this is actually a good move. I pinned all types of bangs in hopes of finding just the right photo-inspiration to show my stylist when I go to see him. Turns out that bangs are very chic for Fall. Here are some ideas that I came across:

It's been a while since I've actually had bangs. I can't remember how I used to style them or if I even did style them. I also used to trim my own bangs...guess I'm gonna need to ask for a refresher course from my stylist!



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