Shop my closet

I have a wedding to attend tomorrow so I needed to find something to wear. Of course my first thought was to go out and pick up something new. Then I realized that I probably do this for every semi-formal event that arises so I MUST have something in my closet that I can wear. Guess it's time to shop my own closet.

I have several options in black...figures, my favorite non-color. I have pumps in black and nude so I think I'm all set as far as shoes go. I also have a cute pair of sling-backs in red. All are pretty classic. Here are the dresses that I had to choose from. I do like all of them but #2 & #3 show too much cleavage so I decided to cross them off the list.

1. Kiyonna lace dress 2. Jones New York Chiffon dress
3. Random dress from Marshalls 4. R&M Richards dress 5. Cami dress from Newport News years ago

I'm most likely going with dress #1, at least for the reception in the evening. It doesn't look like much but it's pretty flattering on.  I may not wear it to the church in the afternoon depending on how warm it is out. Maybe dress #4 for church? For jewelry, I was thinking maybe my pearls, but maybe something a little more simple. And a simple black clutch. Or maybe my vintage red clutch. Simple, classic makeup with dramatic black winged liner. A red lip. 

Makeup and accessories are the easy part-- at least I have a dress picked out!



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