Riri What?

I've had this little sucker in my possession since this past May, thanks to my sister (Hi Kristin!). I've been so into my bright pinks and oranges this summer that I put this shade away for a special occasion. As the weather cools off, the shade has become more and more appealing to me.

MAC's Riri Woo is a cool matte red. The finish is Retro Matte, which is a very stiff, dry, pigmented formula. I love how it's opaque in a single swipe. I wore this on Saturday night with a black lace dress. It's a great classic blue-based red. Riri Woo has fabulous staying power-- even through drinks and a meal. As dry as this formula is, it did not dry my lips out excessively but did stain them pink after I removed the product.

The cool undertones make your pearly whites look, well, pearly white. Though it's such a stiff formula, it's not terribly difficulty to apply. I was able to achieve nice crisp edges straight from the tube. I would recommend a lip liner if you're concerned about potential bleeding or a rough application. The shade is very close to that of the infamous MAC's Ruby Woo, which has always been on my wishlist but I just never got around to picking up. Now I no longer have a need to.

Riri Woo is such a classic shade. I wore it along with a few vintage pieces: a 1920's art deco lavalier necklace, vintage diamond earrings and a vintage red clutch. It all meshed really well. I'm glad that I finally busted this one out.



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