A living room refresher

I'm not thrilled with my living room decor. It just feels unfinished even though we moved in 4 months ago. This is in part due to my drapery projected getting pushed off over the summer due to the heat. I really need to get on it!

The fabric that I've chosen for my drapes is Premier Prints Nicole Slub in Artist Green. We have 5 windows in our living room (which currently have my old cream drapes hung on them), so I will be sewing 10 floor length panels.

This is my couch in Korndal dark gray:

I have several throw pillows like this and this on the couch:

 I'm thinking that I might need to purchase a new area rug for under my coffee table. I kind of like this rug:

I would also like to replace my current TV stand. Maybe with this

I'm on the hunt for a large piece of art to hang over the couch. Initially I was thinking I wanted to do a mirror

or maybe a frame collage but now I'm thinking street art. Possibly something like this:

Or this:

I'm not entirely sure but it's a lot of fun to look.



  1. Street art? I knew we should have gone to Alex's gallery in Brooklyn.

  2. You read my blog? Sadly, I doubt that I could afford anything in Alex's gallery.


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