What's one more mascara?

When it comes to mascara, there's no such thing as a holy grail product for me. No matter how great any formula makes my lashes look there's always another out there that *may* perform better. I'm insatiable when it comes to mascara. I just can't help myself.

Lately there's been some buzz in the beauty community about L'Oreal's newest addition to their Voluminous Million Lashes lines called Voluminous Million Lashes Excess. The claims are that this product "combines bold volume with clean definition for an excessively dramatic lash look." The bigger brush is meant to "separate and build each lash evenly from root to tip."

I'm generally not a huge fan of the rubber mascara brush, like this product has. I have a few other mascaras with this type of brush and I think that they deposit too much product when applied to the lashes, making it hard to separate the individual lashes. Clumps-- no bueno.

I was hoping that this formula was going to perform differently. After application, my lashes were kinda sorta separated but I wasn't completely satisfied. The clumping factor wasn't nearly as bad as I've experienced with other product but my lashes still weren't perfectly separated. I think that this is partly to blame on the too-wet formula and the rubber brush. Maybe once the formula ages a bit and becomes drier, the brush will deposit a lighter coat and separate better. As far as volume goes, I didn't notice any amazing boost in lash volume but I do have thick lashes naturally so I'm not the best judge of this claim.

I'm going to continue wearing this mascara and hope that it gets better with age (like men and fine wine). Of course I'll be keeping an eye out (pun intended, haha) for whatever is new on the market, as always. Like I said, I just can't help myself :)



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