Sugarpill Cold Chemistry

Cold Chemistry is the newest palette in the Sugarpill collection-- it was just released Aug 17th ($34). As we (sadly) move into autumn, these shades will be awesome to create different permutations of the classic smoky eye. Now to move onto the actual product first impressions for these gorgeous shades...

Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes, Eternal Chaos and Subterranean
From right to left..

Soot & Stars: a gorgeous blacken gun metal with "prismatic" glitter. This is a deep gorgeous almost black. This shade is so super pigmented and the glitter sticks around after it's applied-- love that!

Diamond Eyes: a shiny frosted white with a slight pinkish duo-chrome flash. I'm not a huge fan of frosty whites but there's some added interest here with the shine factor and slight pink flash. It might be a little too shiny for a brow highlight (for my personal taste) but it will make an awesome inner corner highlight.

Elemental Chaos: a cool violet with a blue duo-chrome flash. What an awesome, bold purple-- love it! I love cooler, almost blue shades of purple on my brown eyes. Sometimes purples can apply patchy but this one has terrific pigmentation and it's shiny finish really makes the blue duo-chrome stand out.

Subterranean: a deep yet bright shiny forest green. This green has such a shiny finish that it almost appears to flash silver. It's rich but not so dark that you can't tell that it's green once applied (some darker colors tend to come off blackish on application).

Swatched over UD Primer Potion Original, same order as above

These colors are beautiful and the formula of each individual shade is so blendable and creamy. Being that they are soft and very pigmented, there is fall out but it's not terrible. You'll probably want to do your eyes first and then foundation so that you don't end up having to redo foundation/concealer due to the fall out. If you're not thrilled with all the shades in this palette, each is sold separately for $12 a piece, but that palette price makes each shadow more affordable at $8.50 a pop.

These are my favorite Sugarpill shades yet. I have several of their matte eyeshadow singles because I couldn't resist the hype. I've been mildly disappointed in their matte formula shadows. Though the colors are gorgeous, they can apply patchy, can be difficult to blend and some require a colored/white base to be as vibrant as they are in the pan (I'm looking at you Poison Plum). The shimmery shades in Cold Chemistry are a better texture, blend like a dream and have the pigment that I wished the matte shades had. This palette is a total win for me. I'll definitely get a lot of use out of it this fall and winter.



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