Rimmel Show Off/Apocalips Lip Laquers

I've had my eye out for these little babies since early this year when they started popping up in videos on YouTube by UK beauty gurus. This lip product by Rimmel London is called Apocalips Lip Lacquer in the UK, but were recently released in the US as Show Off Lip Lacquer. Apocalips is such a clever name for this product-- not sure why it was renamed Show Off for the US release...meh.

I've heard that Walgreen's is the exclusive retailer (brick and mortar retailer anyway) of Show Off. I was able to snag 2 from Walgreen's: Nude Eclipse (concealer mouth nude, but softer and more wearable) and Comet (natural tawny pink). I ordered 2 more from ASOS, a UK based site: Celestial ((neutral mid-tone pink) and Nova (toned down Barbie pink). The 2 from ASOS are labeled Apocalips-- for some reason this is a total score for me. Okay, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

 The packaging
 These lip lacquers come in a typical lip gloss tube with a cool ombré  effect-- black to clear, the clear portion shows the color of the product. The tube's applicator is a doe foot wand, but this isn't just any doe foot applicator. The underside had a little well to hold product. I think that this is pretty cool because it actually picks up enough product in one dip so I don't have to re-dip the wand a million times to coat my lips.

The product
This product is essentially a liquid lipstick. The formula is creamy and is light and comfortable on the lips. The finish is dewy but not overly shiny or sticky. For those of us with wild long hair, this is a plus because your hair is less likely to get stuck to your lips when your lip product is a little less glossy/sticky. Swatches below, from left to right: Nova, Celestial, Comet and Nude Eclipse.

 The wear
These are not super duper long wear but they do stick around for a while. My applications have lasted for several hours or until I ate a meal. I really like that they don't get dry and uncomfortable as the day goes on. I also haven't noticed any bleeding in fine lines or that they fade very much but the shades that I have are pretty tame. The bleeding & fading factors might be different with the brighter or darker shades in the line.

The verdict
I'm really excited about this product. Great formula and the shades that I got are exactly what I was looking for (muted and neutral tones). After testing out the lighter shades, I definitely want to get my mitts on some of the more daring shades next. Right now Walgreen's is having a buy 1, get 50% another on Rimmel London products...I may have ordered a few more :-)



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