Cross Necklace Project

I've been loving the look of the dainty side-ways cross necklace even though I'm usually into large pieces. I've been planning on digging out my jewelry-making supplies to making myself one for ages. I figured that since it's such a simple design, I would jazz it up a bit. I came up with adding a couple Swarovski crystals for a little sparkle. I added a crystal at the bottom of the cross and then another in the back near the clasp as a counter weight.

This is a simple project for someone with intermediate jewelry making skills. You'll need~16-18" of sterling silver chain, a sterling silver side-ways cross, a couple Swarovski crystals, 4 sterling silver jump rings and 2 sterling silver head pins. You will also need your basic tools: a wire cutter, round nose and flat nose pliers.

 Start by cutting the chain into 2 equal sized pieces. Then attach the clasp with a jump ring to the end of one piece of chain and attach a jump ring to the end of the other piece of chain. Next slide the smaller crystal onto a headpin and create a loop, cutting off the excess wire or create a wire wrap (in this instance attach to chain before wrapping wire cut excessive wire and pinch down the cut end of the headpin) and attach to the chain on the side with only the jump ring/without the clasp.

Now we're going to attach the cross to the opposite ends of the pieces of chain using a jump ring on either side. Once the cross is secure, use the same technique as before to attach the larger crystal to the chain next to the bottom of the cross.

At this point, both pieces of chain should be joined and your necklace is complete. Now that wasn't too hard, was it?
Up close!



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