Colorful Mascaras-- Do or Don't?

For me, the jury is still out on. I go back and forth between thinking "ooooo, blue mascara!" and "ewwwww, blue mascara!" Sigh.

I was wandering through the beauty aisle at CVS and I noticed a limited-edition Maybelline display. Naturally, I had to check it out. The display had limited-edition Great Lash mascara in an array of colors. I was drawn to the Green With Envy, So Very Berry, Teal Appeal and Vision in Violet. They reminded me that, not too long ago, I picked up a limited edition denim blue L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara and some how made it work (in conjunction with a black mascara-- I'm 33 so that's the only way that I'm going to pull this off!). I needed to get a few to play with.

So I have a couple of ideas on how I can successfully rock colorful lashes. My first thought is to do a nice easy neutral eyes with a bold black winged liner, apply black mascara on the upper lashes, and use one of the colored mascaras on the lower lashes. I think it would be a nice pop of color to liven up a neutral eye.

Another idea that I had was to do a dark smokey eye in either greys/black or brown tones sweeping the colored mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Then apply black mascara from the roots to the middle of the lashes to add fullness and definition. I've used this mascara application technique with blue mascara before and it has a nice effect. Previously, I didn't apply any shadows when I wore my blue mascara so this will be something new.

 I haven't seen the L'Oreal Denim Collection at the drugstore lately but if you're dying for a blue, the Maybelline Great Lash limited-edition colored mascara collection has a similar one to offer called Blink of Blue. Since the Maybelline collection is also limited-edition, get 'em while you can. I believe that this collection has been out since early July so they might not be available for much longer at this point (as she runs off to CVS...).

What do you guys think of the colored mascara trend? Would you give it a try? If you ave already, what's your technique to make it wearable?  I'd love to hear from you. Off to play around with violet lashes!



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