Cargo Los Cabos Collection

I'm not sure why I've been hanging onto this set for so long-- it's almost the end of the summer season. I'm finally over hoarding this set-- Cargo Los Cabos Resort Collection. This kit contains a limited edition mini water resistant blush in Los Cabos, a full size water resistant bronzer, a full lip gloss in Vegas Strip, a mini Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara and a Swimmable Pencil in Charcoal.
 This is my first Cargo purchase. Honestly, I'm still trying stuff out so it's too soon to give a full review but here's shots and swatches of the products in the kit. The bronzer is shimmery and light in tone. It's a bit light for me right now but I'll be able to use it once my tan has faded (sad). I do use bronzer all year long so I'm sure that I will get some use out of it especially when I'm white and pasty in the winter months. Since it's shimmery it's probably best to just use it for all-over bronzing, not for contouring.

The blush reminds me of a less pigmented version of Nars Orgasm, a cult favorite. It has a subtler gold shimmer and leaves a natural glow when applied. It's pretty but I prefer Nars. As for the water-resistant claims made on both the blush and the bronzer, I haven't had much chance to test it out. I will try to remember to wear both on our next scorcher and get back to you all.

The Swimmable Pencil is a charcoal color with blueish-aqua subtle glitter (the pic doesn't really do it justice). It's is similar in texture & wear to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. On application it's a creamy, gel-like consistency. It's smudgeable for a short time after application, but them quickly sets and doesn't budge. I needed to use eye makeup remover to get the swatch off my arm. That really speaks to it's longevity.

The lip gloss in Vegas Strip is an extremely sheer, pinkish-nude. It's pretty but pretty generic. It's a nice throw-on-without-a-mirror type color. It's a good neutral shade to keep in my bag. I haven't even cracked the mascara yet because I have a million mascaras open at the time. I'll put it away for a rainy day.

I'm going to try get some use out of these products so I can form an honest opinion and so I can stop hoarding :)



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